Since we have had several inquires as to the finish of our signs, we want to take this time to explain our process and the meanings of our terminology so that our customers understand what to expect when purchasing a sign from us.

1.  All boards are cut to size and sanded down once an order is placed.

2.  A base coat is applied to each board and allowed to dry completely.

3.  A topcoat in the color chosen by the customer is then applied over the base coat and then sanded down once it has dried completely.
4.  The lettering is then painted on in the color chosen by the customer. Once it is dry, it too is then sanded down.   
5.  All signs are sealed with a clear sealer and allowed to dry.
6.  Carefully prepared for shipment and shipped off to their new homes.
Please note:  All signs are done by hand.  We do not use machines to complete our signs.  During our sanding process and depending on the wood grains in the board, this process could make the topcoat and lettering thin down enough to where the base coat and/or topcoat shows through.  This is NOT a flaw or defect, but rather a result of our antiquing process.  We do not avoid this and feel it not only gives the clocks and signs a more unique look, but also falls in line with the timeworn effect we have been known for, for many years!  If you do not want your clock or sign to be finished in this manner, please let us know in the notes section and we will do our best to minimize this result!



Below is some of the terminology we use throughout our website and their meanings.

timeworn - worn or impaired by time. Showing the effects of age or antiquity; antiquated. Having deteriorated through long use: showing the effects of having been used for a long period of time.

distressed - made to look older: artificially given an old or worn appearance.

extreme prim - by request only. We will sand the top coat down completely, allowing the base coat to show throughout the whole board revealing grain marks, giving it an extreme aged look. Lettering will also be sanded down more than usual to complete this primitive look.


hand-chiseled edge - by request only and usually done with a sign that is being finished in an extreme prim finish. Instead of doing a rounded edge, we will use a chisel and chisel the wood away along the edges as pictured below.
Rusty Star Sign Company Hand Chiseled Edge